Arcade mode is for users to enjoy and use Ocoin to try their luck and get items. There are different variety of Gachapon machine that will launch in event.

Mystery Box Vending Machine

Mystery Box Vending Machine is in arcade mode users can try their luck here by using OCOIN to buy random hats. Each hat has a different stat that can increase % of success rate or reduce time of tasking or it can be both depending on the rarity of the hat. Box of hats have two type standard box (250 OCOINs) and premium box (500 OCOINs) Users can use Tickets to buy random hats. 1 Ticket can receive 1 premium box.

Standard box

Price: 250 OCOINs
Chance rate:
Common = 45% Uncommon = 35% Rare = 14% Epic = 5% Legend = 1%

Premium box

Price: 500 OCOINs
Chance rate: Common = 35% Uncommon = 25% Rare = 25% Epic = 10% Legend = 5%