Sometimes, it turns out that being bored in the office can be a real productivity killer. It's time to make your office fancy! Put a mystery hat on your staff team to increase their productivity!

Hat system

When wearing both hats will give your staff stat boost, but only hat in display slot will appear on your staff.
Both hats that apply to staff, if you want to remove, all of your staff must not be working.


Season 1 (Limited)

1. Paper bag

Paper bag that have been used it may be worthless, but when it produce to paper hat it makes those who wear worthy also this hat make those who wearing them feel happy and help to reduce global warming.
Status : none


This Cap is made from pink colorful clothes even though it looks normal, but it can covers sunlight and it makes those who wear look definitely cool.
Status : none

3. Paper hat

Normal paper, not eye-catching but when using blue paper to transform to boat hat. Seem like big boat is on the user head. It makes those who wear more powerful immediately.
Status : none

4. Straw hat

This hat is made from straw, it was difficult to make and consume lot of time. It is because the producer is in detail to choose the right straw from Tibetan Mountains. Guarantee that this straw can cover Sunlight and waterproof from raining.
Status : none

5. Top hat

This tall hat was produce from perfect leather. Those who wear it feel like
Status : none
6. Chef hat
This chef hat fabric that made from the fibers of the flax plant. This plant often plant in Europe country e.g. Belgium, Ireland and Russia. Those who wear it will feel like the soul of cooking perfect dishes. Even though you don't have the ability to cook at all."
Status : none
7. Engineer hat
This Engineer hat produces from recycled waste from Germany. This country has the best ratio of recycling in the world. Those who wearing this hat will definitely safe.
Status : none
8. Graduate hat
This hat is for a graduated guy who has a strong will to get the first job.
Status : none
9. Police hat
Whoever wears this hat will not do anything illegal. Any office that has this hat. The pen in the office will not be lost.
Status : none
10. Sailor hat
Whoever wears this hat are the member of sailor or member in charge of duty for sailing the ocean liner or the large ocean liner in the ocean.
Status : none
11. American hat
Mystery American culture hat. Some people said whoever wears this hat will hear a whisper voice said "I need you to join the office!".
Status : Success rate + 1%

12. Mexican hat

This Mexican hat is a wide brimmed hat that popular for musician in Mexico city and the uniqueness make it looks cool.
Status : Reduces task time + 1%

13. Viking hat

Nowsaday people see these crazy warrior wearing horned hat, understand that those are ""Viking"". So whoever wears this Viking hat assume that you are the national warrior.
Status : Success rate + 1%

14. Joker hat

Wearing this hat can reduce stress because of humor and will reduce the productivity of their colleague at the same time because they will be rolling on the floor laughing.
Status : Success rate + 1% & Reduces task time + 2%

15. Pirate hat

The haunted hat used to belong with the King Pirates of the Caribbean. The owner will be haunted by its former owner and want to do more and more work without exhausting for making more money.
Status : Success rate + 2% & Reduces task time + 1%

16. Leprechaun hat

This Leprechaun has magical power according to your wishes. This hat can store abundance of gold.
Status : Success rate + 4%

17. Witch hat

Whoever wears this witch hat will have a special magic that can bring whatever they want.
Status : Reduces task time + 4%

Season 2 (New season)

1. Beanie hat

This beanie hat is made from 100% pure wool, attracted by bright green color. It helps to warm from the cold to whoever wears this hat.
Status : none

2. Bucket hat

A bucket hat has a small wing coming out, sometimes people call it a fisherman hat or beggar hat. Nowadays Bucket hat is so popular with a beautiful creation with hipster looks.
Status : none

3.Helicopter hat

This helicopter hat has a special propeller that made from great premium iron. It can rotate when you wearing it. Whoever wears this hat will look smart and cool.
Status : none


This helmet is made from plastic that has high density. Especially it is durable. and can deal with compression force, Impact Fracture and it can resist electricity completely.
Status : none

5. Party hat

This party hat comes with a cone shape. It is made from colourful think paper. This special hat can make whoever wears to be happy and brighten up their day.
Status : none

6. Artist hat

This artist hat is made from cotton peat 20 fabric that made from natural fiber, and it helps this hat to be smooth also good to ventilate. You can feel the smoothness of the fabric by touching. This hat is suitable for whoever loves art when wear it you will feel like becoming an artist.
Status : none

7. Bellman hat

Bellman hat is made for bellman who carries luggage. It shows that whoever wears this hat is a polite and friendly person.
Status : none

8. Explorer hat

Explorer hat is an old western-style hat. It is suitable for the adventurer who like the forest. Like to hunt an animal. Whoever wears this hat will have a brave power immediately.
Status : none

9. Firefighter hat

Firefighter hat is made to protect whoever wears it from heat. Ashes and object that could fall down. It weighs 45 pounds and comes with red attracted color.
Status : none

10. Soldier helmet

Whoever wears this soldier helmet it shows that he/she respects the nation and level or rarity of that soldier by green camouflage color.
Status : none

11. Korean hat

Korean noble hat, It's the uniform of a government official, including ordinary men can wear on the wedding day, men who have never been married before wear a double-winged Samo, but if you've been married there will be only one wing left.
Status : Success rate + 1%

12. Scottish hat

Scottish hat is symbol hat from Scotland country it has red and green color.
Status : Success rate + 1%

13. Turkish hat

Turkish hat is a hat that shows a culture in costume wearing. It shows attracts by red color and it comes with a star and moon symbol.
Status : Reduces task time + 1%

14. Archer hat

Peterpan hat is made from green fabric decorated with a red feather. Whoever wears this hat can fly.
Status : Success rate + 1% & Reduces task time + 1%

15. Winged helmet

This winged helmet has two wings from each side. It is believed that it is a hat from the god of a warrior.
Status : Success rate + 1% & Reduces task time + 1%

16. King crown

King crown is made from real gold and decorated with diamond and green emerald. It costs lots of time to create this crown, like 6 months to come out gracefully to fit the state of King.
Status : Success rate + 3% & Reduces task time + 1%

17. Nemes

Nemes were pieces of striped headcloth worn by pharaohs, that have wide wing. Decorated with gold alternate with blue rock. At the top of head, it decorates with cobra it is the symbol of Wadjet goddess.
Status : Success rate + 1% & Reduces task time + 3%


1. Santa hat

Santa hat is Officeland's first Christmas hat.
Status : none

2. Chinease hat

The traditional Chinese hat is nice for dressing up on Chinese New Year occasions.
Status : none

3. Valentine hat

A EVENT hat that conveys the love that happens in the office during the season of love.
Status : none
Updated 17 FEB 2022