Upgrade Staff

How to upgrade?

You can make your staff work better as you expected! there are 2 ways to upgrade are Blends is merging the same staff character together to higher rarity and Upgrade by OCOINs is using OCOIN to upgrade your staff card to higher rarity.


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There are 5 unique rarities, Intern, Junior, Senior, Leader, and Manager are the highest base cards.
Upgrading staff requirements will be adjusted as follows:
  • Junior requires 3 Intern characters.
  • Senior requires 3 Junior characters.
  • Leader must use 4 Senior characters.
  • Manager must use a 5 Leader characters.
Intern to Junior
Junior to Senior
Senior to Leader
Leader to Manager
For example,
To get ownership Albert junior card, you would need to combine 3 Albert intern cards.

Upgrade by OCOINs

Players can do the upgrade by entering Upgrade menu in the game. The cost for upgrading depends on the rarity of staff.
  • 1 Intern + 400 OCOINs = 1 Junior character
  • 1 Junior + 1000 OCOINs = 1 Senior character
  • 1 Senior + 2000 OCOINs = 1 Leader character
  • 2 Leaders + 2500 OCOINs = 1 Manager character
Enter Upgrade meu in the game menu.
Upgrading take OCOINs cost