Team Challenge

Team Challenge

Team Challenge (Leaderboard Challenge)

  • The Team Challenge is a competition in which 5 character cards compete for the total Success Rate of the team.
  • Players can use character cards that have not been assigned tasks to compete for a percentage of the team Success Rate. The score obtained is the sum of all % Success Rates added together.
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This competition can be played 6 rounds per day, 3 hours 50 minutes each round, according to the following times: 00.00–03.50 UTC 04.00–07.50 UTC 08.00–11.50 UTC 12.00–15.50 UTC 16.00–19.50 UTC 20.00–23.50 UTC
The prize pool in each round is starting at 1,000 OCOINs. One player has to pay 300 OCOINs to enter Team Challenge. The players’ entering fee will go to the prize pool as well. The more players joined, the greater prize.
-The 1st place gets 40% of the prize pool -The 2nd place gets 20% of the prize pool -The 3rd place gets 10% of the prize pool -Cumulative prize (Jackpot) 10% (Weekly Prize on Friday) -Burn 20% of the prize pool
  • Example There are 10 players in a Team Challenge. The initial pool is 1000, 10 players pay 300 OCOINs each to play a team challenge summary of pool prize equal to 4,000 OCOINs.
  • The competitor who gets the most success rate The 1st place gets 40% of 4,000 equal to 1,600 OCOINs The 2nd place gets 20% of 4,000 equal to 800 OCOINs The 3rd place gets 10% of 4,000 equal to 400 OCOINs Total prize is 1,800 OCOINs and 10% will go to Jackpot pool equals 400 OCOINs Burn OCOINs 20% equals 800 OCOINs


Players need to form up a team of available characters (unassigned task). Selected characters for the team challenge will be locked and unable to assign tasks until the challenge is over for 4 hours and can not cancel when joined the challenge. You can choose up to 5 characters to Team Challenge in each round. Every rarity of each character can be joined in a team challenge. Player can make second chance of team success rate by paying another 300 OCOINs and the second chance fee will go to the Prize pool.
How to calculate the point • Summarize Success Rate of each character in Team Challenge (excluding buff from unlocking slots and buff obtained from Hat Cabinet). The Range Success Rate of each character is depends on each character’s rarity to be random. The range is -Intern 0–50% -Junior 0–60% -Senior 0–70% -Leader 0–85% -Manager 0–98% -Boss 0–100%
  • Jackpot pool which deducted 10% from each round will cumulate the pool as a prize and the Jackpot round will be held 24 hours with 12 chances to try every Friday from 00.00 UTC — 23.50 UTC on Saturday and the character in the Team Challenge will be locked for 24 hours as well, meaning the character cannot assign tasks to do work.
  • Reward Claim The winners in each round can claim the prize limit 3,000 OCOINs per day until the prize amount is reached. The player can claim OCOINs within 1 month.
For example, get a total winning prize 5,000 OCOINs, of which 3,000 OCOINs can be claimed on the first day, and on the next day 2,000 OCOINs can be claimed, meaning no more than 3,000 OCOINs can be claimed per day.
Updated : 30/03/2022